Leveraging on the Sape’s popularity among youths in Sarawak and in Malaysia as a whole, Yayasan Perpaduan Sarawak will come up with a four-day Sape Camp to be held on June 19– 22, 2023 in Kuching.
It is targeted particularly at youths of different races who would like to pursue Sape and make it part of their wider musical instrument portfolio. This project is specifically centred on the YPS corporate objective of reaching out to our target audience, the youth of various races.

YPS aims to bring them together as part of a unique strategic intention, using Sape as a uniting factor to pursue their musical interests and careers of our young people in Malaysia.

This legendary Sarawak’s native instrument will be the bonding factor among these young musicians, and together they will build their musical interest under the common banner of Sape.

Camp's Objectives

Bringing youths from all races together to deepen their knowledge, learn, and play the Sape makes it a unifying factor, aligning with YPS’ strategic ideals, and aims to share Sape’s origin, history, and music industry significance, including Sape musical composition, as well as providing exposure to Sape making and design selection.

Conducted by local professional musicians

Matthew Ngau Jau

Our Sape Legend

Narawi Rashidi


Jerry Kamit

Sarawak’s Sape maestro

Dr. Connie Lim

Local Researcher and Academician

“ Sape is an iconic vehicle that takes us along the road to a destination called UNITY. “